Posted by Ron Leota on Feb 18, 2016
Work, work, work…

Work, work, work…

Greetings Contractors,

The staff here at Spite is hard at work on many great projects. I wanted to give a teaser for some of the work that is being done behind the carapace curtain.

  • Your plot team is feverishly writing your demise… Umm… I mean, plot for the next game. We have a lot of great ideas for year two and beyond. The new team is working well together and I am more excited than ever to show you all what we’ve got for you.
  • Our technomancers are coding their butts off to enhance and improve the online system. Working out any bugs and working on new features for future games.
  • Our crazy prop geniuses are working on new and interesting visuals for the game.
  • I’ve done a minor overhaul of the website, adding images to help add a little flavor to the online experience.
  • Our new Community Admin has been working hard answering questions and being an epic point of contact for our players. If you don’t know about Raissa, yet, check out this article.
  • The Spite crew has been on the road, promoting the game at Radcon and we are aiming to promote at other local events, soon. If you are attending a convention and would like some flyers or business cards to hand out, please contact us!

Radcon Panel

So there are just a few of the things we’ve been up to since last game. We hope you are all ready for a good time at game 3, I know we are!

-Ron, your friendly neighborhood Gamerunner